A Traditional, Classic Kitchen

Chef’s Creation

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Project Details

Square Footage
Approximately 350
Lead Designer
Chris Haindl
Lead Carpenter
London’s Springbank Area
Awards & Recognition

A well-known and talented London chef, cooking class instructor and food writer was looking to expand her kitchen and tailor it to her main passions in life: cooking and entertaining. Her thoughtful selections and personal style, along with her extensive knowledge of what makes a great kitchen, made for the perfect recipe.

An Open, Inviting Kitchen 

By opening up the kitchen and allowing it to flow into the family room (an adventurous decision at the time!), the room was taken out of isolation and incorporated into the home’s social area surrounding it. The addition of a large island made it easy to prepare food on, and created a natural gathering space for family events. 

Traditional finishes and colour choices reflected the homeowner’s classic, timeless style and approach to her work. 

The end result was a welcoming, spacious kitchen, shaped for time spent together - and for the creation of plenty of delicious food!