Making A New Place Feel More Like Home

Creative Condo Configuration

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Project Details

Square Footage
Approximately 500
Lead Designer
Bonnie Hardy & Leah Turner
Lead Carpenter
Northwest London
Awards & Recognition
Kitchen, Master Bathroom

When the Cornelius family decided to downsize from their family home to a condo in London, they envisioned a space that could adapt to their new chapter in life – both stylish and functional. The transformation focused on two main areas: the master bathroom and the kitchen, which were redesigned to enhance accessibility and sociability.

Kitchen Reinvention

The kitchen redesign presented unique challenges, notably an immovable fireplace insert that protruded into the room. The CLAY team creatively integrated additional cabinetry around the insert, not only concealing it but also expanding pantry storage significantly. By removing the dining room walls, the space was opened up, creating a flowing, integrated area for cooking and socializing. Accents of blue add a personal touch, infusing the space with warmth and character.

“These renovations have not only enhanced the functionality of our home but also its joy, providing the perfect setting for dance parties with our grandchildren and creating lasting memories.”

– Lesley Cornelius, Homeowner

Master Bathroom Transformation

Originally a traditional setup, the master bathroom was reimagined to cater to both current needs and future usability. The introduction of a spacious walk-in shower, a luxurious new bathtub, and double sinks ensured comfort without sacrificing style. The result is a contemporary space that the Cornelius family can enjoy for many years, reflecting CLAY’s commitment to creating designs that are as practical as they are beautiful.

“The design team at CLAY helped us transform our condo into a beautiful, welcoming space that has quickly become the heart of our family gatherings. It’s now a place where everyone can participate in meal preparation in a bright, open environment.”

– Lesley Cornelius, Homeowner