A Functional, Seamless Family Space

Main Floor Masterpiece

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Project Details

Square Footage
Approximately 1600
Lead Designer
Mark Vaandering
Lead Carpenter
Steve Vanderlaan
London’s Sunningdale Area
Awards & Recognition
Kitchen, Pantry, Great Room, Staircase, Bathroom, Laundry Room, Ensuite Bathroom

These clients approached us in 2023 with a goal to reinvent the main floor of their house to make it feel more like home. Ultimately, it didn’t reflect their taste and personality, and they wanted something that flowed together, from a visual perspective, across the entire level of their home. A fulsome design for the space, and a consistent set of materials throughout, helped achieve this.

Thoughtful Kitchen Design

The kitchen set the tone for the space, beginning with the selection of a beautiful granite countertop, which provided direction for the other materials, chosen soon after. The materials used within this space flow naturally from room to room, with identical cabinet colours in both the kitchen and laundry room, but with opposite placements. These strategic design choices helped foster the visual fluidity this client was after. 

The addition of a hideaway pantry with extra, concealed storage space and the removal of vaulted ceilings in the dining area (which felt a bit like a tent!) opened up the space, offering a clean aesthetic and a more functional layout. A large kitchen island is a core component of the space, perfectly suited for family gatherings and entertaining.


Ensuite Bathroom Transformation 

The ensuite bathroom was transformed from an outdated, ineffectively designed space to a more contemporary, effective one. The toilet was relocated and an older, once very popular jacuzzi tub was removed. Adding a spacious shower that’s more accessible for years to come will allow this space to remain both functional and modern. And despite cutting into it to accommodate the laundry room, this ensuite still feels like a spacious oasis.